stefania emmanuele

Name: Stefania
Role: Cicero
Age: 42
Job: Teacher
Local development operator
Hobby: carrying out ideas


Name: Peppe
Role : Epicurus
Age: 43
Job: graphic designer
Hobby: eating


Name: Sofia
Role: Landlady
Job: free-lance
Hobby: emptying out drawers

Who we are

il comignolo di sofia civita chi siamo

We are not hotel keepers and we do not manage a hotel.

We are simply a family with a big and friendly house.

Each of us has a world into his head and will of conviviality.

That's why we've opened our house to travellers who, like us, desire to discover new, interesting, simple and true things.

We firmly believe that meeting new people can open us new horizons, a mutual exchange of experiences, points of view and emotions.

We share the sense of the privacy and the respect, good manners, curiosity and passion for the authentical things .